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The Olympics have been a test of man’s strength, his ability and spirit but as the modern era has revealed it’s ultimately man’s use of technology which has put him today, in the position that he has wrested for himself from the forces of nature, as the master of all beings. Not just in areas […]


Perhaps Golf is the only game which has the distinction of the players talking about the game while playing, while not playing, while working, eating, socializing. There was a cola ad that once played on this aspect with, eat cricket, sleep cricket. In the real world though, no game can beat golf at it and […]

What could the magical zap of technology have next after Zing bails?

The desire for the spectacular and the incredible has become the sign of our times. This century will definitely go down as the century which amalgamated technology with Sports in every which way possible. Not just in sports gear but even in broadcasting, advertising and presentations of the sports arena. Cricket is not just about […]

Garas Lockdown Diary | 2 UP & OVER: 2 On The Deck Drill

Batting efficiency and effectiveness on the ground were once very subjective parameters and have now gone through a complete change with BatSense. Here’s Mark Garaway explaining how improving your batting with the measurable parameters on BatSense can be simple and repeatable. Bringing the results on the ground. Don’t miss it.