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The cricket token CRIC

The cricket NFT has arrived and it’s the new game changer for the fans and the game

Every once in a while, in every solar system, an errant moon takes up the challenge and manages to eclipse the mighty of the world, if only for a while. In that instance it announces that it is king and rules the moment with the whole world watching in awe. Every game, every sport is […]


The Olympics have been a test of man’s strength, his ability and spirit but as the modern era has revealed it’s ultimately man’s use of technology which has put him today, in the position that he has wrested for himself from the forces of nature, as the master of all beings. Not just in areas […]

Get better at coaching with Batsense focused training. Accurate feedback. Measurable results.

If you think technology and sports don’t go together, think again. If you think technology can’t turnaround how a game is played, think again. If you think a Smart Bat with BatSense can’t do much for professional coaches, then you just have to watch this.