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A powerful app to work with BatSense


The Smartcricket App is changing the way you train, play and coach cricket

The Smartcricket app tracks your performance while you play cricket and is a smart cricketing solution that works in tandem with the cricket bat sensor, BatSense. The app collects data from the performance tracker device, BatSense and through data processing helps you train, analyse and evaluate your batting in cricket. It’s the ideal app for professionals, coaches, players, and even amateurs, providing insights and facilitating a turnaround in performance like never before. This is the new age, high-tech driven, smart cricketing solution that is changing the game of cricket as we know it.

An interface of data analytics in an area of usage as unique as sports performance which can stump even the most tech savvy sportsperson and yet the brilliance of the Smartcricket app in this area of app relevance and adaptability is noteworthy. The presentation of the smart data collected from the cricket bat sensor, BatSense in easy-to-understand graphics is an example of innovation not just at the product level but also at the experiential level. The entire App has been carefully designed with a vibrant look and infused with an energy that makes it more interactive, more user friendly and easy to navigate. There is even a Chat bot to enable conversations.

The Smartcricket App is versatile enough to be used by players as well as coaches, empowering the players to analyse their game , connect with a coach and get advice from the coach in real time. The coaches can, on the other hand, connect with their player or players and guide the players in real time from wherever they are.

All across the app animations explain, demonstrate and bring alive the various aspects of setting up and using BatSense while also detailing how to analyze the data collected from BatSense. This makes the app so user friendly that anyone can navigate their way and understand the parameters that are breaking down the elements of every session of play.

The Smart Cricket app has a range of tools that maximize insights and analysis. The parameters on batting performance and the several features that enable players and coaches to analyse and improve batting performance are a delight to go through. Take for instance the 12 Batting Parameters. Data captured by BatSense and collected by the Smartcricket app is presented in 12 comprehensive parameters which can assist you in altering, modifying, changing or correcting your game. Parameters like Bat Speed, Bat Angles, Back Lift, Follow-through and Impact Angles etc. bring a whole new perspective to the game. The visual representation of the shots played in the 3D Shot Analysis are almost magical when studying techniques and styles. It features a 3D simulation of your Smart Bat swing, from the back lift to the follow through, tracks the path of your bat enabling a 360 degree view for each shot played. You can thus review your shots from any angle, online and offline.

The options available in the way you can use the data and the features that enable a wide range of usage make the Smartcricket app a cut above the rest. Features like Smart Video that allow you to use the mobile camera to record videos of your game from any angle and playback even in slow motion are very helpful. It also facilitates easy viewing through an auto-cut feature which trims the footage to show just the shots played. You can even Compare Videos. To help you perfect your technique and even correct or alter your shot playing, this feature allows you to compare videos of different shots and study the variations and divergence of different shots played. This way practicing in a targeted and focused manner is assisted through videos.

The convenience of having an app that does all the analytics for you of the smart data collected from playing sessions was always awe inspiring. Now, the new updates to the app come with an Analytics feature added to Player profile. The Analytics in Session details now also features Graphs, Pie chart, Avg shot data, as well as Filters for Lofted & Straight, Vertical & Horizontal shots. The evaluation of your game and the analysis of every aspect can be studied in greater detail with the tools now available. Even the 3D Avatar can now be Viewed in Landscape mode also giving you a wider field of vision.

These features are also crucial for the coach who can connect with the players through the Coach Mode. The Coach can then directly access all the live session data and 3D Avatar of the players in real time. The Coach can set targets for the players to achieve with respect to batting parameters by using the Goal Setting feature and can even set the goals session-wise, day-wise and month-wise. The Coach can also view reports on analytics to track progress against the set goals and against the individual parameters. A progress analysis week-wise or month-wise can also be generated by the Coach to help him better assess the situation. Practical and useful features help the Coach analyze data of multiple players and create a comprehensive and personalized training schedules for each of them. The coach can even connect with the player from anywhere in the world and guide in real time.

The changes in the app are always organic and carried out in response to the data collected from its users and their ease of access and pattern of usage. Little things like being able to calibrate your BatSense right from the BatSense Connection page while the animations on the Calibration screen guide you, step by step, on how to do it, came about through attention to detail. This was also how the BatSense ease of use was extended across different android and iOS devices. For someone who is using the app and wants to carry out a different operation such as starting a session or reconnecting BatSense, the app is designed such that it could be done from multiple places in the app without losing the page you were using. These are facilities which make the app usage effective and effortless. With the new update, apart from improved analytics and graphic evaluation, all aspects of connectivity have now gone through a next level turnaround. You can now experience a marked Improved performance in Calendar sync. The ‘Session Data Syncing’ loader has been simplified in Calendar while the Shot data can be synced to & from Cloud. The improvements in the ordinary world seem to move from the good to the better and the even better but in the SMARTCRICKET world it seems to move from the best to the wow to the aha.

Get going with the app.

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