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The Art of Batting – Moeen Ali’s Back Lift and Power

Insights into one of the modern greats! Check out how small changes in Moeen Ali’s Back lift Angle have a direct impact on his POWER! The Data measured by BatSense can help a budding cricketer hone his craft just by watching LIVE cricket, this is the SMART CRICKET REVOLUTION! Understand you’r batting on a deeper […]

The Art of Batting – Gayle’s Shot Play Decoded

Chris Gayle’s batting is equal parts legend and legendary!!! Thanks to the data from Smart Cricket we now have a chance to understand the talent a bit better!! We’re leading the data revolution in cricket with BatSense, so be #smart like Gayle and get #TheSmartBatAdvantage !!!

The Art of Batting – Tamim Iqbal’s Bat Speed and Shot Efficiency.

Tamim Iqbal has been in fine form this season of BPL T20, with consistent performances in the middle. Thanks to the batting data provided by Smart Cricket we can see that his varying Bat Speeds have been matched by high Shot Efficiency proving that his “TIMING” is on point!!!! BatSense simplifies the jargon by giving […]

The Art of Batting – Tamim Iqbal’s Back Lift Angle against Pace and Spin

Deciphering the Art Of Batting is now easier thanks to Smart Cricket, check out how Tamim Iqbal’s technique against Pace and Spin is analysed using data from BatSense

From Virat-The Captain to Virat-the Batter. The focus shifts.

With Virat Kohli relinquishing all Captaincy the onus will be on Virat the batter to shine! Will this be the impetus needed to make this ODI series particularly interesting?

Does India need to look beyond Rahane and Pujara?

Ajinkya Rahane and Pujara have both been exemplary talents for India but with so much talent waiting in the wings is their time dona? Boria tells us in minutes.

Did India’s batting let them down or are SA just too good at home?

A chance to make history gone to waste and a fiery Indian team failed to capitalize, Boria analyses what went wrong.

With the series level all eyes on Cape Town for the decider, Will India make history or SA keep them at bay?

A momentous Test for both teams as action shifts to Cape Town, with everything on the line Team selection becomes even more crucial, Virat returns to captaincy and will have difficult choices at hand, Boria breaks down India’s possible 11.

A mix of experience and talent, will this be the magic formula for Women’s Cricket!

Jhulan Goswami and Mithali Raj have had long illustrious careers but a World Cup trophy eludes them, Boria examines the 14 member World Cup squad and their chances of bring home the trophy!

Bangla Tigers dominate over New Zealand, is this the dawn of a new era?

The year starts with a roar for Bangladesh as they achieve a remarkable feat! Beating NZ at home deserves a salute! Boria takes us through this scintillating performance.

Rahul as Coach plus Rahul as Captain, Can KL deliver?

We all know KL is Klass but as this will be his litmus test as Captain, Boria explains the decisions that got him here and how KL is well suited to lead the Indian Team across formats.

2022- A year to build on learning and innovation, A year of bigger milestones!

2021 was a year of trial and triumph for technology in cricket. Boria predicts that 2022 will be even more momentous and recaps the steps that got us here!